About Us

Digital Computer Works is committed to excellence in technology. With over 10 years and thousands of computers fixed, we know technology changes. We keep up with the latest technology so you don’t have to.

Leading businesses into tomorrow is what we do. Every year our tools change. Every antivirus we started with is gone & some have come back into use. Backup strategies change, retention times & off site locations migrate. Business results are what matter, and that’s our focus.

Your success is our success. That’s how we measure our performance. Our goal is to never receive a call from our customers. If it were possible to detect and fix any and all problems before you see them, we would! Since this isn’t possible we still pride ourselves in the ability to fix and detect most common issues facing businesses today. Many of the larger problems are detected to. Instead of you calling us because your offline, we call you to fix the problem, before it impacts business.